Author of this site (otherwise I), Zainullina Dania, I am 15 years old, I live in Kazan.   Creation of Irina Allegrova appeals to me very much for a long time.  One day I decided to make a site about my favourite singer. To show all her fotos, interviews, articles that I collected to other admirers. My favourite songs change from my mood :-)))  But such powerful songs as "Monologue", "20 times", "Unanswering love", " I will conquer you back", "It is cold" appeal to me for any time. I will be happy if she will write me. Irina Aleksandrovna , if you are reading this lines, please, write me. Also I am waiting e-mails from Irinas fans that want to communicate with me, and new fotos of Irina Allegrova (if you have them). I promise to add them to this site and to write who sent them.  My adress

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Interviews, articles about Irina

"Хлебосольная Казань встречала Аллегрову" (статья о концерте в моем городе)

Немного песен, биография (английский)

Статья о концерте в Воронеже

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На что имеет право Ирина Аллегрова?  (интервью)

Игорь и Ирина... Этот роман не закончится никогда (статья о альбоме "Незаконченный роман")

А был ли "роман"? (статья о концерте в Минске)